Ramon Puig

History traces the roots of the guayabera back to the beginning of the 18th century to the province of Sancti Espiritus, Cuba where Ramon Puig was born. As legend has it, an Andalusian immigrant by the name of Jose Gonzalez asked his wife Encarnacion to make him a long-sleeve white linen shirt with four large pockets so that he could carry his cigars, writing instruments, handkerchief and "otras cositas" (other small things) during the course of his work day. The elegance and overall practicality of the shirt caught on with the local "guayaberos" (guava farmers) who then filled the lower pockets with guayabas (guava fruits) and baptized the shirt "guayabera."

Ramon Puig opened his first guayabera store in Cuba in 1943. For over 70 years, Ramon Puig "the king of the guayabera" has designed and tailored this authentic Cuban tropical jewel for Ernest Hemingway, Robert De Niro, Robert Duvall, Andy Garcia and Alonzo Mourning after Sylvester Stallone and many world leaders including Presidents Reagan, Clinton and Bush. Due to the precision folds, cuts, and attention to detail, the Ramon Puig Guayabera has become known as a cool, comfortable, and versatile garment, suitable for business meetings, social gatherings, family events, and daily casual wear. The younger hipster generation, always on the cutting age of fashion, has recently adopted Puig's authentic garments as the style for their social activities, including nights out on the town at South Beach’s hottest nightclubs, and even as a fashion for marriage ceremonies, with "guayabera weddings" becoming the recent rage in the matrimonial scene.

Ramon Puig is known worldwide as "The King of the Guayaberas" and GQ Magazine proclaimed him as "the master of the guayabera" and "the greatest guayabera maker". Many have tried to copy the classic Cuban garment with cheaply-made, mass-produced imitations, but the true fashion connoisseurs are not fooled, and insist on an authentic Ramon Puig guayabera. The quality, timeless design, and utility of this garment were created by Ramon Puig, and one can only be assured of it's authenticity by looking for the Ramon Puig Guayabera mark. Ramon Puig stated it best, "You wouldn't smoke fake Cubans (cigars) so why would you wear a bogus guayabera?"